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Marriage Counseling in Temecula CA

Marriage CounselingDr. Charles La Vorgna provides marriage counseling in Temecula CA, couples counseling, relationship counseling, premarital counseling, family counseling, individual men and women counseling for those struggling with relationships, marriage, or family problems. He is a Certified Emotionally Focused While he works from a marriage counseling point of view we work with people from all belief backgrounds.

Couples Counseling in Temecula CA

Couples Counseling

His job is with couples who come to Couples Counseling facing a myriad of challenges, and with many different goals in wits. His aim is to supply them with a trustful helpful environment, and to help facilitate their understanding, learning, healing, and change. This is a labor of love for his empowering clients to discover their own answers, gain insights and new perspectives, and achieve goals using their innate strengths and resilience. His great honor is to be part of this process and would love to assist you on your journey.

Family Counseling in Temecula CA

portrait of parents carrying their son and daughterThe distinctive feature of Family Counseling is its perspective and analytically framework rather than the number of people present at a therapy session. Specifically, Family Counselors are relational therapists: They are generally more interested in what goes on between individuals rather than within one or more individuals, although some Family Counselors, in particular those who identify as psycho-dynamic, object relations, inter-generational, EFT, or experiential family therapists—tend to be as interested in individuals as in the systems those individuals and their relationships constitute.

Psychologists Temecula CA

Psychologists Temecula CAAs a Licensed Professional Counselor. For over two decades in the United States, he specialized in working with individuals and couples consisting primarily of dynamic, successful professionals, corporate executives, physicians, attorneys, elite athletes, and affluent individuals, dealing with the specific needs of this particular client population.