Couples Counseling

Before we start to talk about the couples, we have to realize that each person has an individual character. This includes and the couples’ counselors too. Sometimes the individuals in the relationship may have a different understandings about the life and society. This includes a differences like religious, social, group and other sociable and individual factors. The main goal of the relationship counseling therapy is each person to communicate and really understand the the needs of the other. If the conflict resolution skills of the couple aren’t good this may even predict divorce.

Usually most of the relationships have some bad periods. This is a symptom that they aren’t functioning optimally. The result is maladaptive patterns and self-reinforcing which cause a negative interaction of the couples. The reasons for this may be a lot and all different. They include: anger, jealousy, poor communication, ego, greed, arrogance and these are just the most popular of them.

The couples counseling basically includes two methods which are paying attention on the process of communicating. The most popular of them is the active listening method. Recently some of the couples counselors are using a therapy called “Cinematic Immersion” described at “Women Can’t Hear What Men Don’t Say” by Warren Farrell. These therapy methods are developed and used in the couple counseling process to improve the communication between the partners.

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