Think A Family Member May Have An Eating Disorder?

Can Counseling Help Control Eating Disorders?


Eating disorder treatment

Treatment for eating disorders can include medication, counseling and education. All depending on the person in question.

Eating disorder treatment will depend on your disorder and symptoms. It may include counseling, food, education or medication like antidepressants. It also involves addressing health problems caused by eating disorders, which could be serious, or even life threatening should they go untreated.

If an eating disorder doesn’t improve with normal treatment, it causes health problems, or in some cases hospitalization. Having an approach to treatment can help manage symptoms, regain weight, and maintain physical and mental health.

Where to start

Start by seeing your family doctor or a counselor like a psychologist. You may need to see other professionals who specialize in eating disorders.

For young people still at home, parents will be involved in treatment and will supervise meals.

Managing an eating disorder can be a challenge. You will need to continue to see your doctor, or counselor on a regular basis, even when your disorder and health problems are under control.

Psychological counseling for disorders

Psychological counseling is the most vital eating disorder treatment. It involves talking to a psychologist, psychiatrist, or other counselor on a regular basis. Counseling could last from a few months to years. A number of various methods of counseling are used to treat disorders.

Group cognitive therapy involves meeting with a psychologist or counselor along with others who have an eating disorder. It could help you address thoughts, feelings and behaviors resulting from your eating disorder, learning skills to manage symptoms, and to regain a healthy eating pattern.

Treatment could involve a combination of different counseling. Your psychologist or counselor could request you to do homework, like keeping a food journal to talk about in counseling sessions, and identifying triggers causing you to binge and purge.

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